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Beauty ritual – Black soap


It’s time to travel, just experience an hour of pure pleasure!
We are going to talk about a very good product called black soap.
The contents : olives, Argan oil, eucalyptus biological essential oil. This product nourrishes and exfoliates the skin. Just use it with a kessa glove when you go to the hammam or the sauna.
How to use it ? It’s simple.
1. Wet your skin and apply soap. Your skin has to be hot and humid (that’s why hammam is better than your bathroom and the atmosphere also contributes to relax).
2. Rub your entire body avoiding the eyes.
3. Wait for 10 minutes (or more if you wanna rest in the hammam) and then rinse your whole body under hot shower.
4. Take your glove kessa, just wet it and scrub your body to remove dead skin.
After this moment or relaxation, you can apply one of the body oils “La Sultane de Saba” to moisturize your skin. The fragances are an enchantment for the body and for the soul! Take a nap and dream, you’ll be completly relaxed!
Your skin will be softened and beautiful. If you’re looking for products, I recommend you the products “La Sultane de Saba”. They are really great and it’s not expensive !
See by yourself :


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