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Shampoo or not shampoo?

It’s a simple gesture that you do everyday but it’s not innocuous ! Indeed, most people don’t care about the components of the products they use in everyday life. But they should!

If you just look closely at the composition of your shampoo, you’ll be surprised or scared of what’s in it! You’ll find a lot of silicones. What are exactly silicones? It’s a substance extremely spread in cosmetic, those are synthetic products derived from silicium. Silicones are a basis for ingredients in many shampoos, hair conditioners and hair gel products. You can find them in almost every product you use such as creams, shampoos, makeup, etc.

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

They are massively used in most shampoos but they damaged our hair. You probably don’t figure out why silicones are used for. It’s simple, this substance brings softness, our hair aren’t sticky, your head of hair is glossy. So, you’ll tell me what’s the matter?



Actually, the repetitive use of the silicones entails problems. If you use shampoo with silicones you expect your hair to be beautiful and smooth but in fact they aren’t. You think that shampoos are miraculous, in reality, they “kill” your hair. By dint of using those shampoos, your hair are suffocated! Silicones formed a slight layer around the hair that prevent them from breathing, silicone coats the hair. You can use all treatments to take care of your hair, they won’t work if you’re using shampoo with silicones. They will become dry and harsh to brush. A real paradox when you know what the products are supposed to provide. You think that you’re healing them because without those products they look colourless and dry but in reality you harm your hair by using those shampoos and special hair treaments. The more you use them, the more fragilised your hair will become. Silicones don’t strengthen your hair.

Moreover, silicones can make your hair greasy. You can have itchiness. What’s the worst? Silicones are difficult to eliminate, you’ll need time if you decide to stop using them. They accumulate very quickly and they are not biodegradable. You have to wait at least a month and a half to see a result. At first, your hair will seem dreadful but it’s just a step. Then, they will be georgous and natural.

If you want to be kind with your hair, you may wondering how to get rid of those bad ingredients. Just use gentle and clear up shampoos. If you want to avoid silicones in your shampoos, don’t use products which announce “gloss” or “diamond effect”. For sure, they’ll contain silicones! I know it’s difficult to find good products without paraben and silicone but it’s possible !

Don’t be trapped, read labels and the list of components. As a rule of thumb, the first three ingredients represent about 95% of the entire product composition. If you find silicones in the middle or the end of your product it’s less important but if you can avoid it, it’s better!

Most silicones have a name ending by –cone such as imethicone, dimethicone, cyclomethicone, phenyl trimethicone and so on. Be aslo careful with sodium lauryl sulfate.

If you want to have beautiful hair, use nutritive care with Argan oil or shea butter. The important thing is to use products based on natural flora. Use clarifying shampoos. Avoid too many hot brushings! Also, here is a grand-ma’s tip : mix vinegar or baking soda with water to rinse your hair, it works and it’s harmless for you hair.

If you’re looking for silicon-free shampoos, here is a list of good products that I’ve tested, make your choice!

ImageBurt bee’s shampoo


So’ Bio Etic shampoo


Melvita shampoo

ImageCattier shampoo with bamboo (Paris)

ImageCurly wirly by Lush

So wash, curl, brush but without silicones!

Go shampoo!


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