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Jerusalem : Chronicles from the Holy City


Jerusalem : Chronicles from the Holy City by Guy Delisle is a fabulous book. I was eager to read it because I waited a long time before purchasing it!

It is a comic book of 320 pages of pure pleasure. The writing and the drawing are perfect. This book can be summarized like that : Guy Delisle and his family have decided to settle down in Jerusalem during a year.  Guy is a drawer and his wife is a doctor. She’s not present all the time and Guy has to manage with the kids and the adjustment to his new life.

Guy is going to find out that Jerusalem is a complex city which has different facets. Each part of the city is a new “playground” for him, he has to adapt to this new lifestyle. He is joggling with a peculiar schedule based on religion and his wife’s job.

He will discover with a naive look the history of a city imbued with 4000 years of conflits. A place which is a blend of civilization and history. Religion is present all the time.

Through the eyes of Guy, the reader is going to discover another Jerusalem and he will ponder over this.

The tone is not dramatic even light I would say and I read it straight of the reel !



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