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The tip of the week (1)


Today, I have decided to give you a tip each week.  This tip will be different each time, it could be about cooking, how to repair something, about spots on clothes, when you get burn. Anyways, for everything!

Let’s introduce the first tip of the week :

How to remove a spot of blood


Indeed, everyone has had this problem one day, a bad stain of blood on clothes.

Let me explain you how to remove this stain safely and without damage for your clothes.

First of all, immediatly take off your dress, blouse, skirt, shorts or whatever it is and put it under cold (very cold) water to remove the maximum of blood.

You are going to ask me why cold water, why not hot water. I will answer NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

Never use hot water because blood will coagulate and it is going to be more difficult or even impossible to get rid of it.

Rub a little with some soap but be gentle.

If the stain is still there, you can also use an aspirin tablet. Let the aspirin tablet dissolves into a glass of water.

Take a rag and pour this blend on it.

Then, just use this rag and rub the stain with it.

If it still doesn’t work, your last chance will be some physiological serum on a cotton pad.

At last, for strong clothes, you can add some salt in the water.

When the most of the stain is removed, just do your laundry as usual.

Hope this piece of advice will be useful!


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