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Tip of the week (3)

If you want to spare money and use ecological products, this is a tip for you. To launder is one of the major chores that we have to do. It is also a great part of our budget.

Most washing powders are expensive and deleterious both for us and environment because they contain pollutant and allergen ingredients. Thus, if you want to use an ecological product for nothing, just follow the instructions below.


Materials :

-1,5 L water

-carbolic soap (100 g)

-essential oil of lavander (or the scent that you like) 5 drops

-baking soda (2 tablespoons)

-white vinegar (1 tablespoon)

Let’s go !

1. Bowl water

2. Grate 100 g of carbolic soap (you can also use Aleppo soap, if so use less)

3. Add soap flakes into water and fluff


4. When soap flakes are melt and the mixture is homogenous, add baking soda

5. Add white vinegar

6. Add 5 drops of essential oil.


7. Let the lye get cold

8. Pour your lye in a bottle (hermetic)

Your lye is off-the-shelf ! Multiply your data to obtain more washing !


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