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The tip of the week (4)

I am going to share with you a tip from my mother and my granny! In our family we really love cooking. Kitchen is place for gathering, chatting, even gossiping…but nicely!

But, when people are talking and talking, yada yada!!! Bad things happen! Yes, you are cooking and a saucepan is over a brisk heat. Problem, most of the time we forget that saucepan and everything is burnt including the saucepan.

So, you have to scrub it during hours and it doesn’t work.

Elbow grease is not always the solution.

Just use baking soda and some white vinegar.

Take your sauce pan, rinse it with water. Then, put it in your sink and spread it with baking soda. Pour white vinegar on the part covered with baking soda but not too much, this must form a kind of paste.

Now, just forget your saucepan a whole night.

The day after, do not rinse it. First, scrub your saucepan with the paste on it. You will see that the dirt is disappearing, it’s miracle! Just rinse it and you will find your saucepan like a brand new one.


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