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Swing, swing!

Today, I wanted to share with you my love for Parov Stelar. A long time ago (2004), I started to listen to his music and never stopped from this time! Why am I speaking of him just now?
Because he released a new album this year, of course!

He is the author of nine albums :

2001 : Shadow Kingdom LP
2004 : Rough Cuts
2005 : Seven and Storm
2007 : Shine
2008 : Daylight
2009 : That Swing – Best Of
2009 : Coco
2012 : The Princess
2013 : The Invisible Girl

His real name is Marcus Füreder and he is a great Austrian artist of 38 years old. He was born in Linz in 1974. He is a composer of electronic music and a great DJ.
He started to work with the pseudo Plasma. Live, he is accompanied by four musicians, The Parov Stelar Band.

Why is his music so attractive to me? Simply because this is a blend of house, jazz and most of all electro swing. He uses electonic music that includes the use of brass band.

The music is sometimes actual, fast and permeates us as a sharp arrow! Sometimes the music is just soft and we just let go!

A pure genius! See or rather listen by yourself!

a little in the same style you can hear the French group Caravan Palace :


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