Misteur Valaire became Valaire, shorter and even better

A few years ago when I was living in Canada and more precisely in Quebec, I felt in love with a great band, Misteur Valaire.

At that time, I discovered them with this tune. One listening will hook you up for life!

But, this was before they changed their name. The music has a little bit changed but it is still very efficient.

Judge by yourself :


Valentine’s Day


Good morning love!

Yes, today is Valentine’s Day! Congratulations lovers and when I say lovers I mean all the lovers. This day is not only a day to demonstrate your love to your partner but to people who really mean a lot for you, that is to say, friends, parents, siblings, grand-parents, neighbours, animals and so on…

To show your love is easy and no need to spend money. A simple poem, a note, to pick wild flowers, to prepare a dinner, etc.

This is my way to show that my partner is my soulmate! Just a cushion with words that came from the bottom of my heart. It costs me nothing but I know that he will utterly appreciate the message. I tried to be inventive with my words and the way I feel.


The sentence is in French, it English I would say “Anchor my love in your heart”.

Spread love and happiness, not only on this special day but throughout the year!

Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂