Lazy time, no! Quotations and necklace.

Yesterday, it was so rainy and windy that I decided to do some handcraft at home instead of hiking on the coast! Looking at the pouring rain outside, I jumped on the sofa and started a boho necklace. Beads, pearls, tassels…The result is just here :



Christmas time !

Ho ! Ho ! Ho !


ImageChristmas time is coming and we have to hurry in order to be ready. I have just finished my ornaments to decorate my Xmas tree.

I have made cute litte Xmas tree and stars. If you do not have many ideas, you can just paint a bottle and branches in white (see the picture above), then add some red wood beads at the end of your branches. You can also make funny jars with glass jar, you just paint white snowflakes and put a ribbon on it, it’s done. Just add a candle in it and you will quickly warm up your home ! You can also make candy canes by using white and red pipe cleaners, just twist them together.


ImageThose ideas are easy and quick to realise, it do not need much time and money !


Paper beads necklace, done !

I wanted to try something new and I decided to make a paper beads necklace. It is easy and cheap to make, I must tell that the result is quite impressive ! I did not expect something like that.

In fact, I have got a lot of piece of paper because I am fond of origami. I did not know what to do with all those papers, it is done !

Let’s have a sneak peek at it :Image

It is a good way to spend time when you do not want to start a big work. Moreover, you can start making the paper beads, forget your work and come back to it later.

Lavender, it smells like flowers!

As most people, I want my home to smell good all the time. That is why I have got lavander in my garden.


Every year, I pick some of the stems of my lavander. More precisely around thirty. Why?

Because I use them to do what we call in France “navettes de lavande” :


When the lavander season arrives (july-august), it is time to cut the stems.

You just cut around thirty stems, gather them and make a knot at the basis of the flowers with a nice thread of silk or other material. Then, overturn the flowers and fold back the stems over the flowers so that the flowers of lavander will be surrrended and locked by the stems. Use your thread to wrap the stems and the lavender.

First, the thread will be under two stems of lavender and then, pass the thread above two stems. Tighten your work bit by bit. And repeat until the end.

This craft is called navette of lavender because it has the same shape as the french pastry.

Some examples of navettes :



You can hang up thoses “navettes” of lavender everywhere in the house, at the windows, in the kitchen and even in your closet to prevent your clothes to be moth-eaten, moths do not like the scent of lavender.

Round and round, my mobile !


Today, I propose you to discover how to do a quick but really quick DIY !

If you want to decorate your ceiling this is the perfect DIY.

You will need : paper (with the pattern you like), wooden beads, paint, cotton thread and a ring.

Are you ready ? Let’s go.

Just cut circles in your paper, the number depends on how many you want on your mobile. Cut threads. Glue your circles on the thread (on each side in order to hide the thread). Paint your beads and glue the thread into them. It’s done !

This is the result :


You can hang it !