Yoyo brooch


If you have pieces of fabric left from a former work, it is just perfect because you can use them to make yoyo flowers.

That was my case when I found a small piece of green fabric, I just did my yoyo, added a button. Actually, for this brooch I used a thumbtack (i just cut the pin) because I did not have any button left.


The last one …. really?

I can’t help making new earrings, especially when I still have feathers left at home. Thus, these are the last of my creations.


They are much darker than the others but I love them. I am trying to do as much earrings as I can have so that I can wear one pair that matches with my clothes! So, I am really far from the end. The worst is that I am still buying new feathers, thread and leather. I can’t help it!


Bows everywhere !


Bows are really fashion this year but I think that they won’t be old-fashioned at any time.

Men use them as far as women do, want some examples of people :

Abraham Lincoln, William Butler Yeats, Soulwax, Le Corbusier, Tom Ford, etc.

It is a simple touch but it has a strong effect.


I love to wear them in my hair, my ears, my chest on a cute blouse or tank, on my wrist and so on….


What is great is that you can vary materials (leather, different fabric such as cotton, silk, etc.) and shape.

Let’s see by yourself.


It’s not Halloween but…………

It’s not Halloween but I’m already thinking of it. I know, it’s a bit early!

I’ve just ended a new pair of earrings and guess the color of it?

ORANGE of course!


It was the only color left in my magic box, I tried to make like a monochrome painting for this snap but orange is not the color I used the most in my house.

Hope you like them.