Valentine’s Day


Good morning love!

Yes, today is Valentine’s Day! Congratulations lovers and when I say lovers I mean all the lovers. This day is not only a day to demonstrate your love to your partner but to people who really mean a lot for you, that is to say, friends, parents, siblings, grand-parents, neighbours, animals and so on…

To show your love is easy and no need to spend money. A simple poem, a note, to pick wild flowers, to prepare a dinner, etc.

This is my way to show that my partner is my soulmate! Just a cushion with words that came from the bottom of my heart. It costs me nothing but I know that he will utterly appreciate the message. I tried to be inventive with my words and the way I feel.


The sentence is in French, it English I would say “Anchor my love in your heart”.

Spread love and happiness, not only on this special day but throughout the year!

Happy Valentine’s Day ūüôā


Planned obsolescence and consumerism : do you want your life to be garbage and money?

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

Today, lot of people denounce the process of planned obsolescence and consumerism.

We buy things that we do not really need or throw away things that can be fixed. Economy is based on economic growth and the desire on the part of the consumer to buy more and more. But who is really responsible of consumerism? I would say both the enterprises that produce goods and the consumer who buys those goods. But, do we really have the choice? I would answer NO!

We must be responsible but economy creates new needs and lust! Some products are really useful but others are not!¬† Do we really need a kindle, an iphone and so on…

Planned obsolescence is a business strategy in which a product becomes quickly out-of-date. The products are planned to be obsolete, old-fashionned to spur consumers to buy new ones all the time. The worst, manufacturers product goods that are made to last 2 years and no more, they deceive the consumers.  And those products cannot be recycled such as flat TV or some batteries (computers, phones, etc.).

In 1920’s, companies started to shorten life of products to boost consumption and increase the rate of remplacement. Nowadays, they do everything to sell you new products.

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

In 1901, a light bulb was invented and placed in the city of Livermore, this light bulb is still working! Thus, the consumer can wonder why the light bulbs he buys today do not last as long as this one. Of course, there is a reason, a financial reason. At that time, manufacturers decided to limit the life of light bulbs to sell more. That is why there was a restriction on light bulb life. They decided that a light bulb would only last 1000 hours no more!

During decades, inventors created light bulbs with a lasting of 100 000 hours but those light bulbs never arrived on the market. Nowadays, we are supposed to have energy saving light bulbs but we do not know how to recycle those products when they are out of order. Moreover, they do not last more than 1000 hours.

You may want to know the origin of planned obsolescence. Who is the Father of planned obsolescence? I would say Bernard London! The author of The New Prosperity declared planned obsolescence as compulsory in order to end The Great Depression. He wrote that it was a necessity to assign a lease of life to products so that after that time they would be considered as ‘dead’ and be returned to governemental agency to be destroyed. He wanted to end The Great Depression through planned obsolescence. At that time, if someone kept the product beyond after the use-by-date he could be subject to fine. London thought that thanks to this lease of life, this limit, he could boost the consumption and thus the economy. But this idea was never applied. The idea came back later but without being compulsory, in fact, the idea would seduce the consumer because the buyer would own something newer, a little better!

Today, people are starting to figure out that something is wrong. Products are easily breakable, this is a new generation of consumers. One the one hand, people are wasting everything, before this,  people were trying to fix their devices. On the other hand, others try to repair their devices. But sometimes, products are made so that you cannot fix them and the only solution is to buy a new one!! Really!!!

If you want to fix your devices by yourself, just give a look on this website :

They will explain you how to repair your phone, your computer, etc. You can watch their videos and even buy some of the pieces you need.

In our world, everything is made to seduce the consumer. There are more and more impulsive buying because companies use tricks to entail people to buy. They use music, colours of the shop, smells, etc. Do not fall into those traps!

Marketing and commercial strategies like psychological prices or “magical prices” work very well on the consumer. The magical price is a price ending with a 9. For instance, you buy a toy that costs 9,99 $. Psychologically, you believe that you have paid less than 10$ but actually you have paid 10 $, it’s a trick!

Adverstisements are also made to encourage people to buy. People have bad habits, they think that all products are replacable.

Strategies are set to encourage consumers to buy. For instance, you can find two types of baskets in the supermarkets : a basket with wheels and another one without wheels. It is a real trick because those baskets with wheels are not made to relief people of carrying too much products. In fact, they are made to spur people on buying more because when the usual basket is too heavy you stop buying and go to the cashier’s desk.¬† With those baskets, you do not feel the weight so you keep buying!

Everything is made to push people to spend money.  The position of the product is all made so that people are attracted by the products. The more goods are proposed, the more people will buy. Even the shapes of the furniture are made to impel consumers to buy. When the shapes are round people tend to loiter whereas the straight lines make them speed up. It is the same in stores such as IKEA. Indeed, have you ever noticed the marked path on the ground ? It tells where you have to go. You must visit the whole store.  Your only escape are the shortcuts but you do not know them if it is your fist time in the store.

Our senses are also manipulated.  When you enter some stores, there is a special sense that arouses your senses.  We are like a muppet, soakers are hidden in the stores, they push us to purchase.

Thus, when you buy something think wisely :

Am I wasting my money?

Do I really need this object?

Is this product recyclable?

Does it harm the environment?

Can I replace the elements of the products?

Can I fix it myself rather than replace it and creates pollution?


Buy when you need it, not because it is cool to have a lot of things. Most products are created thanks to natural ressources but those ressoucres are decreasing very quickly!,CmC=3714270.html

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The tip of the week (2)

I’m back to give you a serious tip when you have a little misfortune.

Sometimes, I can be very dextrous and others I’m just a butterfingers.

Last week, I have decided to use super glue to stick a hook on my closet.

But, nothing happened like I expected to. Eventually, I stuck my fingers together and not the hook.

The problem, the tube of glue was broken and all the liquid was running on my hands.

If you use cyanoacrylate glue, be careful for it glues very quickly skin to skin contact very easily.

When I figured that, it was too late but I quickly mastered the situation because I knew what to do.

No need to tell that glue is a dangerous product thus you have to react swiftly.

1. Put your hands or the body part under a cold water tap.

2. Repeat this over and over and use soap to remove the most part.

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

3. Use acetone to remove the glue but be careful, use it WITHOUT cotton! So, just pour acetone in a glass and put your hand in it, to wash it. (It’s very important not to use cotton otherwise you’ll get burn, to be stuck it’s enough). Ladies, if you use nail polish, you must certainly have a remover, you can use it if it contains acetone.

4. Dry your hands

5. Take a pumice stone and wet it.

6. Use your wet pumice stone to rub your fingers.


7. Wash a last time your hands and moisturize them with a cream without alcohol or perfume.

Be careful with super glue, if you are like me a bit clumsy, take gloves!

The tip of the week (1)


Today, I have decided to give you a tip each week.  This tip will be different each time, it could be about cooking, how to repair something, about spots on clothes, when you get burn. Anyways, for everything!

Let’s introduce the first tip of the week :

How to remove a spot of blood


Indeed, everyone has had this problem one day, a bad stain of blood on clothes.

Let me explain you how to remove this stain safely and without damage for your clothes.

First of all, immediatly take off your dress, blouse, skirt, shorts or whatever it is and put it under cold (very cold) water to remove the maximum of blood.

You are going to ask me why cold water, why not hot water. I will answer NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

Never use hot water because blood will coagulate and it is going to be more difficult or even impossible to get rid of it.

Rub a little with some soap but be gentle.

If the stain is still there, you can also use an aspirin tablet. Let the aspirin tablet dissolves into a glass of water.

Take a rag and pour this blend on it.

Then, just use this rag and rub the stain with it.

If it still doesn’t work, your last chance will be some physiological serum on a cotton pad.

At last, for strong clothes, you can add some salt in the water.

When the most of the stain is removed, just do your laundry as usual.

Hope this piece of advice will be useful!

World Water Day

Today, let’s celebrate the world water day!


One Drop logo (

Do you know this non-profit organization called “One Drop Canada“? I discovered it in a museum during an exhibition in 2010. This organization has been created by Guy Lalibert√©, the founder of Le Cirque du Soleil. The aim of it is to ensure that water is accessible to all. On the website, you can watch videos, see photos and learn a lot about water crisis thanks to news and articles. Can you also be part of the movement, you can make a donation and participate to some events.

Just be aware that we’re lucky to have access to water and drinkable water. Water is a precious resource and a lifeblood! Lot of people are affected by the lack of water, this entails poverty and health problems. Water is essential to life, we need it! Don’t waste it!

You can visit their site on