We are in october and it is time to decorate your home (and your garden if you have one) for Halloween!

Pumpkins, witches, skulls, skeleton, ghosts, black cats, bats, owls, bones, spiders, spider webs, orange, black, and so on… That is what comes to mind when you say the word “Halloween”.

If you want to have cheap and rather ecological decorations, you can use cardboard, paint and an X-Acto. Just draw what you want on the cardboard, cut up the forms and paint them, it is over!




You can have a treat at the end of your work, you deserve it!  You reward your great efforts by eating carott cakes with cream cheese!



Swing, swing!

Today, I wanted to share with you my love for Parov Stelar. A long time ago (2004), I started to listen to his music and never stopped from this time! Why am I speaking of him just now?
Because he released a new album this year, of course!

He is the author of nine albums :

2001 : Shadow Kingdom LP
2004 : Rough Cuts
2005 : Seven and Storm
2007 : Shine
2008 : Daylight
2009 : That Swing – Best Of
2009 : Coco
2012 : The Princess
2013 : The Invisible Girl

His real name is Marcus Füreder and he is a great Austrian artist of 38 years old. He was born in Linz in 1974. He is a composer of electronic music and a great DJ.
He started to work with the pseudo Plasma. Live, he is accompanied by four musicians, The Parov Stelar Band.

Why is his music so attractive to me? Simply because this is a blend of house, jazz and most of all electro swing. He uses electonic music that includes the use of brass band.

The music is sometimes actual, fast and permeates us as a sharp arrow! Sometimes the music is just soft and we just let go!

A pure genius! See or rather listen by yourself!

a little in the same style you can hear the French group Caravan Palace :

Paper beads necklace, done !

I wanted to try something new and I decided to make a paper beads necklace. It is easy and cheap to make, I must tell that the result is quite impressive ! I did not expect something like that.

In fact, I have got a lot of piece of paper because I am fond of origami. I did not know what to do with all those papers, it is done !

Let’s have a sneak peek at it :Image

It is a good way to spend time when you do not want to start a big work. Moreover, you can start making the paper beads, forget your work and come back to it later.

Quebec is back!

ImageHave you ever been to Quebec in fall? Here are some pictures that will give taste to go sightseeing in this beautiful region of Canada.


The blend of colours during this season is astonishing, the most part of this is due to maple trees which leaves turn red in automn.


Those pictures have been taken in the Mont-Sainte-Anne. This place is marvellous, you can go hiking, biking, snowing, etc.

As a rule of thumb, the end of september and the beginnig of october is the right time to attend the great colour adventure.


If you like hiking, you can follow hiking trails that lead to the summit of the mountain.


At the summit, you will have a beautiful view on the Orleans Island but also on the Chaudières-Appalaches. Automn is still the time to focus on nature, have a close look on the ground and you will find out a lot of things.



Fall is back with the wind!


Fall is back, summer is gone but do not lose your cheerfulness!

It is time to pimp your home and make it colorful. The wind is also back that is why it is a good moment to create your own pinwheel.

You will need paper, a pair of scissors, a stick and a thumbtack, that is all!


Those pinwheels are easy to make. You can either create them following origami directions or simply cut a square of paper, draw the diagonals and cut them. But, be careful to stop 1 cm before the center of the square. Then, just fold your work!

Here are some explanations to do your pinwheel, I find them pretty clear.



Lavender, it smells like flowers!

As most people, I want my home to smell good all the time. That is why I have got lavander in my garden.


Every year, I pick some of the stems of my lavander. More precisely around thirty. Why?

Because I use them to do what we call in France “navettes de lavande” :


When the lavander season arrives (july-august), it is time to cut the stems.

You just cut around thirty stems, gather them and make a knot at the basis of the flowers with a nice thread of silk or other material. Then, overturn the flowers and fold back the stems over the flowers so that the flowers of lavander will be surrrended and locked by the stems. Use your thread to wrap the stems and the lavender.

First, the thread will be under two stems of lavender and then, pass the thread above two stems. Tighten your work bit by bit. And repeat until the end.

This craft is called navette of lavender because it has the same shape as the french pastry.

Some examples of navettes :



You can hang up thoses “navettes” of lavender everywhere in the house, at the windows, in the kitchen and even in your closet to prevent your clothes to be moth-eaten, moths do not like the scent of lavender.