Lazy time, no! Quotations and necklace.

Yesterday, it was so rainy and windy that I decided to do some handcraft at home instead of hiking on the coast! Looking at the pouring rain outside, I jumped on the sofa and started a boho necklace. Beads, pearls, tassels…The result is just here :



Paper beads necklace, done !

I wanted to try something new and I decided to make a paper beads necklace. It is easy and cheap to make, I must tell that the result is quite impressive ! I did not expect something like that.

In fact, I have got a lot of piece of paper because I am fond of origami. I did not know what to do with all those papers, it is done !

Let’s have a sneak peek at it :Image

It is a good way to spend time when you do not want to start a big work. Moreover, you can start making the paper beads, forget your work and come back to it later.