Pénélope Bagieu

Sunday – 11.00 AM – Quebec city

I’ve just bought my ticket at the entrance of the Quebec Book Festival which welcomes Marc Lévy as honour president of the book fair.  But, I wasn’t coming for him, I was coming to see Penelope Bagieu who was present at this event to inscribe her latest book ‘Joséphine’ and I didn’t want to miss her.  

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Quebec Book Festival took place mid-April, it’s a featuring a diverse selection of French literature, even including comic books. And this year, Penelope Bagieu was there. She is a French illustrator and cartoonist who has studied at The École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (also called Arts Decos’, Ecole des Arts Decoratifs) in Paris, France. This is a public university of art and design. It is a reknowned school, a French grande école.
She’s a really kind person, always smiling and speaking easily to people, a young women full of life. I love the way she writes and draws.  Her comic books deal with everyday life, they are funny and actual. She talks about her life and about  what women go through (breakup, relationships, friendship, etc.).

Joséphine is a full edition which gathers the tomes 1, 2 and 3 ( Joséphine, Même pas mal and Joséphine change de camp) but those comics are different from her previous comic books. In Ma vie est tout à fait fascinante, Penelope Bagieu describes her life but in Joséphine, the character is not like her.  A cinematographic adaptation will be made in 2013, I don’t know if it will be good or not, we have to wait until its release.

At present, she’s also working with Joann Sfar on a project whose title will be Stars of the Stars. This story will be available during this summer!

If you wanna follow Miss Bagieu, take a sneak peak on her blog or her Twitter account :




And if you are greedy, you can also follow her on Mademoizelle, a french woman’s programme in which she makes a free and easy chronic about comic books (http://www.madmoizelle.tv/v3/category/chroniques-bd).

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Her major books are :

Ma vie est tout à fait fascinante, Jean- Claude Gawsewitch Editeur, coll. « Tendance fille », 2008.


Cadavre exquis, Gallimard, coll. “Bayou”, 2010.


Joséphine , L’intégrale, 2010, Jean-Claude Gawsewitch Éditeur, coll. « Tendance fille »


La Page blanche (dessin), avec Boulet (scénario), Delcourt, coll. « Mirages »,  2012