Christmas time !

Ho ! Ho ! Ho !


ImageChristmas time is coming and we have to hurry in order to be ready. I have just finished my ornaments to decorate my Xmas tree.

I have made cute litte Xmas tree and stars. If you do not have many ideas, you can just paint a bottle and branches in white (see the picture above), then add some red wood beads at the end of your branches. You can also make funny jars with glass jar, you just paint white snowflakes and put a ribbon on it, it’s done. Just add a candle in it and you will quickly warm up your home ! You can also make candy canes by using white and red pipe cleaners, just twist them together.


ImageThose ideas are easy and quick to realise, it do not need much time and money !



Bows everywhere !


Bows are really fashion this year but I think that they won’t be old-fashioned at any time.

Men use them as far as women do, want some examples of people :

Abraham Lincoln, William Butler Yeats, Soulwax, Le Corbusier, Tom Ford, etc.

It is a simple touch but it has a strong effect.


I love to wear them in my hair, my ears, my chest on a cute blouse or tank, on my wrist and so on….


What is great is that you can vary materials (leather, different fabric such as cotton, silk, etc.) and shape.

Let’s see by yourself.