World Water Day

Today, let’s celebrate the world water day!


One Drop logo (

Do you know this non-profit organization called “One Drop Canada“? I discovered it in a museum during an exhibition in 2010. This organization has been created by Guy Laliberté, the founder of Le Cirque du Soleil. The aim of it is to ensure that water is accessible to all. On the website, you can watch videos, see photos and learn a lot about water crisis thanks to news and articles. Can you also be part of the movement, you can make a donation and participate to some events.

Just be aware that we’re lucky to have access to water and drinkable water. Water is a precious resource and a lifeblood! Lot of people are affected by the lack of water, this entails poverty and health problems. Water is essential to life, we need it! Don’t waste it!

You can visit their site on