Yoyo brooch


If you have pieces of fabric left from a former work, it is just perfect because you can use them to make yoyo flowers.

That was my case when I found a small piece of green fabric, I just did my yoyo, added a button. Actually, for this brooch I used a thumbtack (i just cut the pin) because I did not have any button left.



Bows everywhere !


Bows are really fashion this year but I think that they won’t be old-fashioned at any time.

Men use them as far as women do, want some examples of people :

Abraham Lincoln, William Butler Yeats, Soulwax, Le Corbusier, Tom Ford, etc.

It is a simple touch but it has a strong effect.


I love to wear them in my hair, my ears, my chest on a cute blouse or tank, on my wrist and so on….


What is great is that you can vary materials (leather, different fabric such as cotton, silk, etc.) and shape.

Let’s see by yourself.


Four little birds in my bedroom

I’m fond of origami and I found my bedroom really dull!

I needed some stuff on the wall in front of my bed. Thus, I decided to make some origami chickadees with bright colours.


My origami workshop was finished a long time ago but I was looking for something to hang them on the wall.

At last, I found a driftwood branch on the shore while I was riding my bike.


I just painted it with white painting and hung up with some thread and two thumbstacks. Later, I will use nails instead of thumbstacks, it will be more pretty.