Jewels : box or hanger


If you are fed up with your old jewel case, why not just hang them?

I used some trendy colors and a bit of masking tape to decorate my jewelry organizer.

So do you want to refresh you hanger?



Bows everywhere !


Bows are really fashion this year but I think that they won’t be old-fashioned at any time.

Men use them as far as women do, want some examples of people :

Abraham Lincoln, William Butler Yeats, Soulwax, Le Corbusier, Tom Ford, etc.

It is a simple touch but it has a strong effect.


I love to wear them in my hair, my ears, my chest on a cute blouse or tank, on my wrist and so on….


What is great is that you can vary materials (leather, different fabric such as cotton, silk, etc.) and shape.

Let’s see by yourself.


basic and natural : leather brooch

I’m fond of leather. I enjoy wearing my new purple brooch. It is a simple DIY that I’ve made yesterday while I was watching a Hitchcock movie.

A longtime ago, my grandpa was working in a shoe factory. He was making beautiful Italian steels. Now, he is retired but he has kept leather from this old time.

Yesterday, I was snooping in his workshop when suddenly, I discovered this wonderful purple leather, This was made for me.

At last, I went back home with my beautiful leather and I decided to make a brooch.

Here is the result of my work.

You will just need : leather, a pair of scissors, a pencil, a ruler, a gluegun.

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

It’s really practical because I can put it on a blouse, a tee-shirt, a handbag, etc. I love it, it’s girly !

My funny earrings!

Yesterday, the weather was really dreadful. It was raining, the sky was grey and I was shivering because it was too cold to wear a skirt. Thus, I decided to make some DIY!

I grabbed a pair of scissors, a colourful ribbon and some other stuff and let’s go!

And this is the result :


It perfectly fits to a pair of jeans!