Paper beads necklace, done !

I wanted to try something new and I decided to make a paper beads necklace. It is easy and cheap to make, I must tell that the result is quite impressive ! I did not expect something like that.

In fact, I have got a lot of piece of paper because I am fond of origami. I did not know what to do with all those papers, it is done !

Let’s have a sneak peek at it :Image

It is a good way to spend time when you do not want to start a big work. Moreover, you can start making the paper beads, forget your work and come back to it later.


My funny earrings!

Yesterday, the weather was really dreadful. It was raining, the sky was grey and I was shivering because it was too cold to wear a skirt. Thus, I decided to make some DIY!

I grabbed a pair of scissors, a colourful ribbon and some other stuff and let’s go!

And this is the result :


It perfectly fits to a pair of jeans!