The Newbies


Summer is gone thus I wanted some fluorescent and flashy colours. I continue my feather earrings sery!


It’s not Halloween but…………

It’s not Halloween but I’m already thinking of it. I know, it’s a bit early!

I’ve just ended a new pair of earrings and guess the color of it?

ORANGE of course!


It was the only color left in my magic box, I tried to make like a monochrome painting for this snap but orange is not the color I used the most in my house.

Hope you like them.


basic and natural : leather brooch

I’m fond of leather. I enjoy wearing my new purple brooch. It is a simple DIY that I’ve made yesterday while I was watching a Hitchcock movie.

A longtime ago, my grandpa was working in a shoe factory. He was making beautiful Italian steels. Now, he is retired but he has kept leather from this old time.

Yesterday, I was snooping in his workshop when suddenly, I discovered this wonderful purple leather, This was made for me.

At last, I went back home with my beautiful leather and I decided to make a brooch.

Here is the result of my work.

You will just need : leather, a pair of scissors, a pencil, a ruler, a gluegun.

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

It’s really practical because I can put it on a blouse, a tee-shirt, a handbag, etc. I love it, it’s girly !