Louboutin, love it so buy the real ones !

According to me, Louboutin shoes are the most beautiful shoes in the world. I also love Jimmy Choo too! A woman deserves to have one pair of those gorgeous shoes!!

Image                         A pair of counterfeit shoes seized. PHOTO: Getty

Everybody knows the famous shoes “Louboutin”. The french shoes are made in Italy with noble products which explains the expensive price!
Those masterpieces can’t be done in China.
Say no to counterfeit ! It’s a lack of money for the real producers or creators, a danger for the consummer (dangerous products) and above all people take advantage of poor workers in this situation to make huge benefits.
The articles below are a bit old but it’s a good reminder because counterfeit still exists and always will, it’s spreading all over the world with cheap and dangerous products. The consummer is responsible. Every beauty has a cost, so spare money and one day you’ll be able to buy one pair of those fabulous shoes.

When you’re buying one pair of Louboutin don’t be bilked and read closely those tips.

1. The price is expensive, you won’t have a pair for 100 $ !

2.  Red trademark soles is are a particularity of Louboutin shoes. The soles are made of leather (no plastic, no way) which is then painted but also lacquered with a glossy red polish. .The difference is obvious when you know it. The leather soles can be recognized because they’re wrinkling in some parts.

3. To be sure you’re buying real Louboutin shoes, just buy them in a true store or on the real website (http://christianlouboutin.com/)