Who says greed is bad thing?

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Today, you’re gonna be greedy and it’s a good thing. Lot of people say greed is a bad thing, I’d rather say it’s good for health if you can stay reasonable. Frustration is not my friend, I love food like I Iove life.  Thus, if you’re greedy this recipe will delight you. It’s easy to do and delicious, I’m talking about maple apple and bluberry crisp. I do love baking fruit and especially apples. You will be charmed by this recipe . This is a mouth-watering dessert you will eat uninhibited. The basis of this recipe is apple, a flavoured fruit that can be found year round. If you wanna try this gluttony just follow the instructions below an enjoy!


6 cups of sliced peeled apples / 1pkg frozen blueberries / 1/4 granulated sugar / 2 tbsp all-purpose flour / 2 tbsp lemon juice / 1/4 tbsp cinnamon


1/2 cup packed brown sugar / 1/2 cup all-purpose flour / 1/2 cup rolled oats / 1/2 tbsp cinnamon / 1/3 cup maple syrup / 2 tbsp butter, melted


Trimmed off the ends of your apples, then peel and slice them. In large bowl, pour in and toss together apples, blueberries, granulated sugar, flour, fresh squeezed lemon juice and cinmamon. When it’s done, just spread in 8-inch square baking dish (a glass baking dish is better because it keeps your dessert warm longer than other dishes).

The second step is to prepare your topping. In a bowl, mix together brown sugar, flour, rolled oats and cinnamon. Then, pour in maple syrup and melted butter. Toss until moistened and sprinkle evenly over fruit.

Last step, bake in 350 F (180 C) oven for 1 hour or until the fruit is tender. Let cool on the rack for 15 minutes and taste it with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream or whipped cream.


Sugar Shack……………………….Oh ! Sugar, Sugar !

Have you ever been to Canada and more precisely to Quebec? So you maybe know what a Sugar Shack is?

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It’s an bit of an institution in Quebec. La Cabane à Pierre is the one I’ve been to and the most famous in the province of Quebec . This house  is located in Frampton (Beauce) and is surrended by maple grove. You will discover how the maple sap is collected according to the old-fashioned method, that is to say with a spile (sap spout) and a bucket. The purpose of it is to process the sap into syrup. How they do this? Simply by using traditional evaporator, fuelled by a wood fire.

If  you want to have a great meal fed ad libitum, this is the place to go during the sugar season. You stomach will be fulled with hearty pea soup, oreilles de crisse, crusty country bread, pork and beans, cook’s omelette soufflé, sugar ham home-baked, Beauce tourtière, farm sausages,  boiled potatoes, fruit ketchup and homemade pickles. And if you are still hungry after eating all this you can also wolf crepes with maple syrup, tea and coffee.

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You will be welcomed in a cosy and warm place to guttle your meal, a huge room with big tables everywhere. This place enables people to share great moments of laughs and joy.  It’s a mix of generations.

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In the center, stands an enormous fireplace that warms you up. During your meal, a band is performing and you can dance if you like, shaking your body on traditional music such as “La Bottine Souriante” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDHHFWCIb-U).

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You will be pleased in every way. The setting is simply stunning. Why? You are surrounded by maple grove and woods.

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At the end of your meal, you can go outside and enjoy what people call “la tire d’érable”, that is to say, maple taffy treats on snow. How does it work? You take a wooden stick, place in front of wooden bucket full of snow. When someone pours hot maple in it, you use your stick to roll the maple around it and form a lollypop! It is so good, so sweet but don’t abuse of it otherwise you will have weigh to lose before the summer!

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A sweet tooth knows no age!

If you are interested in discovering this place and the traditions of Quebec, you can look over the website : http://www.cabaneapierre.com/

Cabane à sucre Cabane à Pierre
566, rang 2, C.P.1006, Frampton, Québec, G0R 1M0