A new dish towels hanger

Hello everbody,

Today, I’m in my kitchen wondering what to to with my dish towels. Those towels are always on a chair or on the table.

Thus, I decided to do my own dish towels hanger. And voilà !



Here is the material that you’ll need to create this dish towel hanger :


Just paint the board (I choose red!), glue your spoons. Let it dry at least 2 hours. Then, you can draw what you want on your board.

As for me, I’ve made some white dots everywhere because I think it’s cute but that’s personal.

Now, I don’t have to search my dish towels all over the kitchen, I know where they are!





We are in october and it is time to decorate your home (and your garden if you have one) for Halloween!

Pumpkins, witches, skulls, skeleton, ghosts, black cats, bats, owls, bones, spiders, spider webs, orange, black, and so on… That is what comes to mind when you say the word “Halloween”.

If you want to have cheap and rather ecological decorations, you can use cardboard, paint and an X-Acto. Just draw what you want on the cardboard, cut up the forms and paint them, it is over!




You can have a treat at the end of your work, you deserve it!  You reward your great efforts by eating carott cakes with cream cheese!


Round and round, my mobile !


Today, I propose you to discover how to do a quick but really quick DIY !

If you want to decorate your ceiling this is the perfect DIY.

You will need : paper (with the pattern you like), wooden beads, paint, cotton thread and a ring.

Are you ready ? Let’s go.

Just cut circles in your paper, the number depends on how many you want on your mobile. Cut threads. Glue your circles on the thread (on each side in order to hide the thread). Paint your beads and glue the thread into them. It’s done !

This is the result :


You can hang it !