Paper beads necklace, done !

I wanted to try something new and I decided to make a paper beads necklace. It is easy and cheap to make, I must tell that the result is quite impressive ! I did not expect something like that.

In fact, I have got a lot of piece of paper because I am fond of origami. I did not know what to do with all those papers, it is done !

Let’s have a sneak peek at it :Image

It is a good way to spend time when you do not want to start a big work. Moreover, you can start making the paper beads, forget your work and come back to it later.


Fall is back with the wind!


Fall is back, summer is gone but do not lose your cheerfulness!

It is time to pimp your home and make it colorful. The wind is also back that is why it is a good moment to create your own pinwheel.

You will need paper, a pair of scissors, a stick and a thumbtack, that is all!


Those pinwheels are easy to make. You can either create them following origami directions or simply cut a square of paper, draw the diagonals and cut them. But, be careful to stop 1 cm before the center of the square. Then, just fold your work!

Here are some explanations to do your pinwheel, I find them pretty clear.

Round and round, my mobile !


Today, I propose you to discover how to do a quick but really quick DIY !

If you want to decorate your ceiling this is the perfect DIY.

You will need : paper (with the pattern you like), wooden beads, paint, cotton thread and a ring.

Are you ready ? Let’s go.

Just cut circles in your paper, the number depends on how many you want on your mobile. Cut threads. Glue your circles on the thread (on each side in order to hide the thread). Paint your beads and glue the thread into them. It’s done !

This is the result :


You can hang it !

My sweet little fan


The sun is still up high in the sky and air-conditioning is out of order. Thus, what to do when it is 38 °C outside and 32 °C inside your flat?

I had a simple idea. What is my idea? Just make your own fan with no less than two coloured craft sticks, paper and some glue (eventually, you will need staples).


You can choose your colour, your size, whatever you want.

Just fold the paper in order to form a wheel. Glue some parts to strengthen the whole craft.

Then, just glue sticks on each side and it is finished. You can have fresh air for nothing.