Tip of the week (3)

If you want to spare money and use ecological products, this is a tip for you. To launder is one of the major chores that we have to do. It is also a great part of our budget.

Most washing powders are expensive and deleterious both for us and environment because they contain pollutant and allergen ingredients. Thus, if you want to use an ecological product for nothing, just follow the instructions below.


Materials :

-1,5 L water

-carbolic soap (100 g)

-essential oil of lavander (or the scent that you like) 5 drops

-baking soda (2 tablespoons)

-white vinegar (1 tablespoon)

Let’s go !

1. Bowl water

2. Grate 100 g of carbolic soap (you can also use Aleppo soap, if so use less)

3. Add soap flakes into water and fluff


4. When soap flakes are melt and the mixture is homogenous, add baking soda

5. Add white vinegar

6. Add 5 drops of essential oil.


7. Let the lye get cold

8. Pour your lye in a bottle (hermetic)

Your lye is off-the-shelf ! Multiply your data to obtain more washing !


The tip of the week (2)

I’m back to give you a serious tip when you have a little misfortune.

Sometimes, I can be very dextrous and others I’m just a butterfingers.

Last week, I have decided to use super glue to stick a hook on my closet.

But, nothing happened like I expected to. Eventually, I stuck my fingers together and not the hook.

The problem, the tube of glue was broken and all the liquid was running on my hands.

If you use cyanoacrylate glue, be careful for it glues very quickly skin to skin contact very easily.

When I figured that, it was too late but I quickly mastered the situation because I knew what to do.

No need to tell that glue is a dangerous product thus you have to react swiftly.

1. Put your hands or the body part under a cold water tap.

2. Repeat this over and over and use soap to remove the most part.

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

3. Use acetone to remove the glue but be careful, use it WITHOUT cotton! So, just pour acetone in a glass and put your hand in it, to wash it. (It’s very important not to use cotton otherwise you’ll get burn, to be stuck it’s enough). Ladies, if you use nail polish, you must certainly have a remover, you can use it if it contains acetone.

4. Dry your hands

5. Take a pumice stone and wet it.

6. Use your wet pumice stone to rub your fingers.


7. Wash a last time your hands and moisturize them with a cream without alcohol or perfume.

Be careful with super glue, if you are like me a bit clumsy, take gloves!